Monday, January 25, 2010

Upcoming Hothouse Reading: THE COMMONS

Hey Hothouse Fans!

The Hothouse reading this week, PASTORAL, is currently sold out. But don't fear! We have another star-studded reading scheduled for performances just two weeks from now! Don't miss...


Written by Stephen Metcalfe
Directed by Art Manke

A man battles his neighbor to protect his ocean view.

Starring Beau Bridges and Jordan Bridges
Linda Gehringer, Kenneth Marshall, Susan Dalian, and Kevin Rahm

February 9-10, 2010, 8:00 p.m.
in the Carrie Hamilton Theatre.
A complimentary talkback and reception to follow.

About the Play: THE COMMONS is the story of an older couple in crisis. Dakin Adams, a retired school teacher, spends his days writing and sending his thoughts - his blogs - out into the void that is the internet. His wife, Macy, walks the dogs and gardens. It would seem the only thing they have in common anymore is their home and their memories and their love of "the view"- the Pacific Ocean as seen from the back deck of the house. But now their neighbor is selling and the new owner is coming in to tear down and rebuild - build "up" - and the view - and the fragile relationship of two people - is in ever increasing jeopardy.

About the Playwright: Stephen Metcalfe’s stage plays include LOVES & HOURS, VIKINGS, STRANGE SNOW, SORROWS AND SONS, PILGRIMS, HALF A LIFETIME, EMILY, WHITE LINEN, THE INCREDIBLY FAMOUS WILLY RIVERS, WHITE MAN DANCING, A WORLD OF THEIR OWN and THE GIFT TELLER. He has been produced in New York and at regional theaters through the United States as well as in Europe and Japan. Screen credits include HALF A LIFETIME(with Keith Carradine and Gary Busey), COUSINS (with Ted Danson and Isabella Rossellini), JACKNIFE (with Robert De Niro and Ed Harris), ROOMMATES (with Peter Falk and Julianne Moore) and BEAUTIFUL JOE (with Sharon Stone and Billy Connelly). He was a contributing writer on PRETTY WOMAN, ARACHNOPHOBIA, IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU and MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS. Other original screenplays include TIME FLIES, VEIL ON THE WATER, TENNESSEE VALLEY, THE OLD BOY, JONAH, THE INFIELD, SIGNIFICANT OTHERS, GRIM REAPER, SCYLLA, THE TRAGIC AGE, PASSING FANCY and AN INNOCENT ABROAD as well as numerous rewrites. He is an Associate Artist at The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego and has been a guest lecturer in dramatic writing at University of California at San Diego, University of San Diego and San Diego State University.

*A complimentary reception will be held immediately after each reading. Hothouse readings are FREE, but reservations are required.

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