Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Awesome play, Furious Theatre Company's Back of the Throat

I saw the Furious Theatre Company's Back of the Throat, on Sunday night and am thrilled to say that I had a great time. I am generally wary of "issue" plays, but this piece (while being wholly political - post 9-11/Patriot Act type situation) was truly engaging and inventive. The actors had difficult chores (having to humanize abusive CIA agents, murderously vengeful girlfriends, spiteful strippers, and potential and convicted terrorists) but rose to the challenge with grace and skill. The directing was tight and centered - keeping the play a play and not a rant - and the set and lighting design added an exciting nightmare-type feel that kept the entire production moving forward. The writing was crisp, energetic, very funny at times, and interestingly balanced. Well done all!

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You rock dude!