Friday, June 09, 2006

Backstage at the Playhouse

Part of the idea behind starting a Pasadena Playhouse blog (as I understand it) is to give the millions of people following along at home an idea of what we all do behind the scenes, as well as talking about what's on the stage itself. So, to help that along, I'll give you (the millions of people following along at home) a look into what's happening around the Playhouse.

Outside my window, the guys in the shop (Carl, Joel, and Errol) are busy building the sets for our upcoming musical extravaganza, The Marriage Musicals. We are doing two musicals in rep, which means the crew will be switching between The Last Five Years and I Do, I Do on a daily basis (twice on the weekends). Tom Buderwitz, the set designer, has designed a basic stage that they will be adding different scenic pieces to for each show. Hopefully, the final set will tie the two shows together, while maintaining an individual feel for each show.

This Sunday we close Sherlock and start strike (taking down the set and lights, and boxing up the props) right after the evening show. On Monday the carpentry crew will come in and strike out all the scenic pieces, and Tuesday two 53' trailers will arrive to take the set off to Kansas City Repertory Theatre, who will be producing their own production of Sherlock sometime in the next few months. The rest of the week will be spent continuing the build of The Marriage Musicals and getting the theatre ready for a rental event on Friday and Saturday. After that, we begin loading in the Musicals.

Also, Furious Theatre is loading in their next show (Back of the Throat) up in the Balcony Theatre. Check out what's happening behind the scenes with them at the Furious Theatre Blog.

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