Tuesday, June 06, 2006

For new posters

Welcome to the Pasadena Playhouse blog!

As we here at the Playhouse take a few tentative steps into 21st C. technology I'd like to offer a few tips to folks unfamiliar with the wonderful world of blogging.

First of all relax. A blog post is not a Lit. 101 essay (or at least it needn't be). Blogging should be a joy, not a job.

Write about what you know. Folks here have innumerable talents which they use to support the Playhouse, theater, and the arts generally, we want to hear about who you are.

Write about what you feel. Theater is one of the most visceral of the arts, something that affects many of us on a deeply personal level. Most times that's a good thing, though sometimes it's not, but regardless, it's usually interesting to chat about.

Be honest. Poseurs are not generally well regarded in the blogosphere.

Be courteous. I probably don't even need to mention, given the immensely high quality of person participating in this blog, that, as my grandma said, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar (though, as my wife pointed out once, who wants to catch flies anyway?) But be that as it may, dissent is one of the glories of great conversation, what's more boring than a topic upon which everyone agrees?

Most importantly have fun. There are few things more exhilarating, frustrating, terror-inducing, glorious, pick your adjective, than creating live theater, and everything that involves. My hope is that this blog celebrates that joy.

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