Friday, August 04, 2006

The Best Fences Seats! New Performances Added!

Tickets for Fences have been selling extraordinarily well. I've worked at Pasadena Playhouse for six years and I've never seen our box office so busy!

We've just added a couple of new performances on:

Tuesday, September 5th at 8pm
Wednesday, September 13th at 8pm

Great seats are available right now for either of these performances - especially for Tuesday, September 5th.

Due to a scheduling conflict the August 27th at 2pm performance was cancelled. Patrons previously booked into that date have been notified by mail.

If you want my advice as a box office insider, I recommend buying your tickets as soon as possible - but definitely before the reviews start coming in for this show - tickets are going to be impossible to get after that.

I recommend our subscribers check their calendars to make sure to block out their performance time. If they must, our subscribers should exchange their tickets soon. To buy tickets, click here. To exchange tickets send an email to and be sure to include relevant contact and performance information.

Joseph Yoshitomi
Customer Experience Manager

P.S. We've been so busy that I'm hiring a few new staff members for the box office and concessions areas. If you're a Playhouse regular and you see a new face, feel free to say hello!

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[Photo credit: Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett. Photo by Ondrej Rudavsky.]

1 comment:

Steve Kang said...

Great points Joseph.

Though I'd be remiss in my duties if I didn't remind people that for the very best seats AND value, nothing beats a subscription to Pasadena Playhouse.

If anyone would like to know about our truly great current offers please email ( or call me at (626) 792-8672 ext. 400