Thursday, September 07, 2006

How to see a "sold out" show

First of all, a hearty congratulations to all involved for making Fences such a huge success in every way a theatrical production can be a success.

As anyone who's called trying to get tickets over the past few days knows the production's single tickets have been sold out for the run of the show. And while this is a testament to Fences' popularity, it also means that many who would like to see this amazing production will be disappointed.

But I have some good news for you. There are two ways you can still get in.

2 ways to see a "sold out" show

1) Subscribe

The Playhouse always makes a point of holding great seats available for sale exclusively to subscribers. In order to make it easier for folks new to the Playhouse to give us a try we're currently offering a 4-play mini-subscription which not only includes seats for Fences, but also for our upcoming productions of SISTER ACT: the Musical, John Patrick Shanley's Defiance, and Charles Randolph Wright's Cuttin' Up.

Subscribers receive great seats, even for sold-out shows, as well as a substantial discount on regular box-office prices and many other benefits beside.

For further information check out our current subscription offer here and email the box office or call (626)356-7529.

2) Stand-by

Are you a gambler by nature? Well here's your chance. It's a fact of life here in the greater LA area that due to any number of reasons, traffic, work, life, whatever, as many as 10% of ticket holders just can't make it to a show and their seats go unfilled.

That being the case we'll be offering "stand-by passes" for most Fences performances.

Stand-by passes (CASH ONLY) are $60. Students may purchase stand-by for $25.

For further information please email the box office or call (626)356-7529.

[Photo credit: the cast of Fences with Director Sheldon Epps. Photo by Craig Schwartz]

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