Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Feature: Reader Reviews

We at the Playhouse are really very interested in what our patrons think of our shows.

That being the case we're starting a new feature called, creatively enough, Patron Reviews.

Catchy huh?

Starting with Can-Can, we'll be posting a link to a blog page were you can both read reviews and post your own.

And though, to be sure, we love raves, most importantly we want to get your honest opinions!


CaHwyGuy - Daniel the California Highway Guy said...
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CaHwyGuy - Daniel the California Highway Guy said...

I'll note that I've been consistently writing reviews of theatre that I see since I started my journal. You can find all the Pasadena Playhouse reviews at

[Playhouse subscriber since 1986: "Down an Alley Filled With Cats"]

Steve Kang said...

Hi Dan, we always look forward to your reviews and hope you'll post a link to your Can-Can review after you've had a chance to see it.

We're anticipating a spectacular production.