Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tony Awards Connections

Despite being spread out in cities and towns across the US, the theatre community is none-the-less a fairly tight knit group.

So while six degrees of separation might be needed to connect to Kevin Bacon, for those of us in the theatre community, rarely does it take more than a degree or two to connect to a Tony winner.

So it is with tonight's broadcast, with Atlanta, GA.'s Alliance Theatre's receipt of the Tony award for Regional Theatre.

Those of you that gave a close reading to our program for last year's production of SISTER ACT: the Musical may recall that the Playhouse co-produced that terrific production with Alliance Theatre.

Such co-productions are increasingly an important part of Regional theatre and allow institutions like the Playhouse the opportunity to both finance larger projects, as well as build on connections with artists and theatre companies across the nation.

And on a personal note I'm personally pleased to send a hearty congratulations to my former boss, Old Globe Theatre Artistic Director Jack O'Brien on his third Tony, this time as Best Director of a Play for Tom Stoppard's massive trilogy, The Coast of Utopia.

Congratulations to all tonight's Tony winners and nominees!

[2007 Tony Awards winners listed here]

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