Monday, September 03, 2007

Internship Blues

The Playhouse has been fortunate over the years to benefit from the hard work and enthusiasm of summer interns from around LA and around the country.

This summer's marketing intern, Yvonne Butron, was kind enough to jot down a few words on her experiences here at the Playhouse:

At the beginning of the summer when I began looking for an internship I never expected to be working for an arts related organization. I never studied theater or any type of art while in college, so coming to a non-profit theater was a new experience for me. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in marketing, so I wanted to see what it took to be successful in the field. Despite what I learned at school, I was not sure if I would enjoy a career in this field; therefore, I wanted to gain some real life marketing experience.

Working at the Pasadena Playhouse was a memorable experience because everyone there was always willing to help me out if I had a question, and everyone seemed to enjoy their jobs even though there were times when the unexpected took place. Even though I was born in Pasadena and have heard of the Playhouse, I never knew about the amazing work that they were creating or the opportunities that they provided for student to learn about the field. Working in a small non-profit organization meant that you would be performing tasks that are not in your job description, due to the amount of work that had to be completed to be successful and build a reputation. Even though I enjoyed working at the Pasadena Playhouse, I plan to search for a career in other fields in entertainment marketing, but I will always remember the experience I gained from the marketing staff and everyone else at the Playhouse. I enjoyed working with everyone and learning about how a theater is managed and creates high quality productions. Despite not planning to stay in theatre, I have become more appreciative of the arts, and I plan to visit the Playhouse and other art organizations in the future.


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