Monday, July 07, 2008

Post Your Looped Comments Here

Valerie Harper fans? Tallulah Bankhead fans? Sound editor fans?

As the case may be please use the comments feature to post your thoughts on the Playhouse's current production.

P.s. If you haven't seen it, be sure sure to check out the LA Times' feature on Valerie Harper and Looped here.


Anonymous said...

We have tickets for Saturday, July 12. Looking forward to it.
In my youth I saw Tallulah perform in three plays on Broadway.
"The Eagle has Two Heads",
"Skin of Our Teeth", and
"Foolish Notion".

She was one of a kind. Talented and eccentric.

pasadenapio said...

I'm seeing it with friends on Friday night, dahling.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen this play yet, but a big fan of Valerie Harper. Yrs ago a friend met her in her neighborhood & described her as being a real, down 2 earth person.

A slight detour: has the restaurant right next to your Playhouse changed hands yet again??

JJ at the Playhouse said...

Here's what our Facebook friends had to say about Looped:

"Looped was a riot...thanks for bringing such great live entertainment to Pasadena"

"Saw 'Looped' last week and totally loved it. Wow!"

"Looped was amazing - one of the most hilarious shows that I've seen. :)"

"I love The Pasadena Playhouse..have seen three plays there so far and loved every single one of them !! GREAT WORK ! KEEP IT UP !!! Cheers !"

"Just bought tix for Looped on 8/2 -- looking forward to it!"