Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer '08 Interns: Sean Hanrahan, Operations

"My time with the Pasadena Playhouse has been extremely valuable. This summer, opportunity has been a consistent reward each time I was brave enough to take a chance. The possibilities of my internship would not magically appear on my desk each morning, rather when I found it appropriate to explore the various departments even outside of my own department responsibilities, opportunity was waiting.

It has been my belief that an internship with any organization is a learning experience. Its not about what is fashionable, who has the best desk or office or which department is considered more desirable by yourself or others around you. Rather, an internship is a commitment to gain knowledge, develop relationships, and be inspired by those around you in whatever capacity. In my case it was a not-for- profit theatre working to better its community, educate its audience, and pay tribute to the artists who continue the rich history of the Playhouse. Being exposed to the rigors and uphill stance as a not-for- profit -and understanding the value of that stance- has contributed a new perspective of business and I have learned that the artists do not only congregate at the rehearsal space and the stage, but also each morning on the third level in their offices at their desks. The uneasy dedication to the Playhouse and regional theatre by my mentors and colleagues is in of itself inspiring and I have been fortunate to be surrounded by that passion and dedication to something which we can all enjoy and put our hopes into.

Thank you Pasadena Playhouse. And for all the students out there, don't hesitate to purchase a Student Last-Minute Membership for $20 a season. For more information, click here!"

--Sean Hanrahan, Pasadena Playhouse Operations Intern, Summer 2008

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