Friday, August 22, 2008

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Vanities, a new musical begins tonight and runs through September 28th!

Chronicling the comic journey of three vivacious Texas teens from cheerleaders to sorority sisters to housewives, liberated women and beyond, this tangy tale of coming-of-age in the '60s and '70s is a musical scrapbook of an era that had to be lived to be believed.

Do you have a best friend that you grew up with?

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The girls of Vanities, a new musical.
Sarah Stiles, Lauren Kennedy and Anneliese van der Pol


Anonymous said...

When i was only 4 months old, a family moved into the house next to us in our small Texas town. They too had a little girl who was 4 months old and just 6 days younger than me. So our mothers would have play dates with us together when we were babies, so we ended up growing up together very close. Even when I moved out when we were 7, we never lost our close friendship. In high school though, peer pressure and cliques and such did no good for our friendship. I was big into choir and theater and she was into athletics, and with these different activities that we loved to do, we had drifted apart. But in time, we became best friends again like old times. And it showed that you never really lose a good friend. ;)

Mari ♥love rae♥ said...


Robert Blanks said...

I met my friend Haley in Kindergarden. She used to eat my colored pencils... :) She lives really nearby and we do everything together. We went to the same school and had the same teacher almost every year, with the exception of 6th grade when i transferred to a private school, where she transferred the following year, and 8th grade, as she was held back in 7th. We are now both in high school and have the same P.E. period together, I'm a sophomore, she's a freshman. We do everything together and you will always find us together, wheather it be after school, before school, lunch, break, and many other times. We have faught a fair amount of time, but we always make up in less than an hour. :) I wouldn't do anything without her, ever. She is like my sister and she's watched me grow up as I have. We're pretty different but that means absolutely nothing. We're friends no matter what.

Victoria said...

OMG lol I have a BFF that I knew since I was 1 yrs old and I am 14 now and we still hang out and call eachother! She is still my best friend and we never even went to the same school ever! She was my first and only true friend and I love her now and forever!!!

Joey said...

For 16 years and 9 months I grew up with my twin brother. He's been my best friend forever. My mom says we're inseparable and I definitely agree. I always feel that family members are your best friends!