Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good News: A letter from Sheldon

Dear Friends,

Below are links to several news stories that came out over the past week about projects that were born in our theatre that are “Moving up and Moving On”!!!

You will find here stories about VANITIES, LOOPED, and SISTER ACT and plans for new productions on Broadway, London’s West End, and, in the case of the hilarious play about Tallulah, a new production in Florida that is intended as a pre-Broadway tryout. In addition, talks and negotiations continue for a NY production of RAY CHARLES LIVE! to open on Broadway next year. As you know, all of these shows had either world premieres in our theatre, or new incarnations that were very much a part of their ability to move forward in these various venues.

We’ve talked about these possibilities several times in our board meetings. I’m sure that you will agree that it is terrific to have this news confirmed in the press! As we approach our new fundraising initiative, the ARTISTIC LEADERSHIP CAMPAIGN, it could not be more fortuitous to have the veracity of that concept confirmed by the fact that the Playhouse is giving birth to material that is clearly going to have a longer life on Broadway, in other major theatres, and indeed around the world. Could there be a better verification of our well deserved leadership position in the American theatre than this? I think not.

I proudly share this news with you. I hope that it is helpful in sustaining the genuine knowledge of our tremendous worth to our art form, and to the artists and communities that we serve. And even more than that, I sincerely hope that it will further encourage us to be bold in our efforts to build the resources for the future that will enable us to continue to produce work of this caliber and prestige.

All the best,

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