Friday, January 02, 2009

Bonus Feature of the Week: Lena Horne Trivia

Which one of the following facts about Lena Horne is FALSE?

Lena was the youngest member of the NAACP.

She worked at The Cotton Club as a dancer.

C. Lena was put on the Hollywood Blacklist in 1947.

D. She retired completely from show business in 1980.

Lena was the highest paid black actor of 1942.

Click here and let us know which fact you think is false!

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Stormy Weather, the musical story of Lena Horne, opens on our main stage January 21st.


Michael said...

D is false
She performed her one woman show on Broadway and was Glenda the good witch in "The Wiz"
Michael-Anthony Nozzi

Anonymous said...

my answer "A", youngest member of NAACP

Anonymous said...

D is false

Anonymous said...

D is false