Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mauritius starts rehearsals today!

The dangerous life of stamp collecting has begun!

Rehearsals started today for Mauritius, the fourth play of our 2008-2009 cross season series Women: The Heart and Soul of Theatre.

It is a Pasadena Playhouse tradition that on the first day of rehearsals for every production the entire administrative staff, production staff and representatives from the Friends of the Pasadena Playhouse (our 350-person strong volunteer organization) join the cast and creative team for the upcoming show in a brief get-to-know-you-meet-and-greet session in our rehearsal hall.

This is a time for the cast and crew to meet the dozens of year-round staff who work to keep our great organization going and make sure that the production they are working on is as successful as possible. It is also a time for the staff to get to know the artists who will be lending their talents to our theatre for the next several months.

I have been told by many former cast members (and many current staff members!) that the first rehearsal meet-and-greets is one of the absolute highlights that comes with working for or with our theatre.

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