Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

"I'm sure that if you were alive and online during the 2008 Presidential Election you were inundated (like I was) by requests for donations to campaigns, lobbying groups, and political parties. And if (like me) you were lured by the promise of a super trendy T-Shirt or bumber sticker and made that $20 donation you probably felt (like I did) an awesome sense of pride and enpowerment. That feeling is the spirit of philanthropy.

As much as I hate to admit it, we live in a world where money talks...and it's voice is very loud. If you believe in a cause and value its survival you MUST support it financially, even if it's with a $5 donation. The Obama campaign raised over $250 million in donations under $200. That was an unprecedented achievement that demonstrated that it isn't only the big money corporations and wealthy individuals who have the right to have their dollars heard....we do too!

So its time, now more than ever, to put your money where your HEART is and give to the organizations you love. And if you LOVE Pasadena Playhouse (like I do) please make a gift, of any size, and start (or continue) a pattern of philanthropy that will allow that spririt to grow throughout our generation and those to come."

Contributed by Executive Assistant and Board Liaison Jerusha Schmalzel.

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