Friday, May 29, 2009

from the Ventura County Star: Playing Birdie in 'Little Foxes' is dream role for 'Newhart' star Julia Duffy

"Playing Birdie in 'Little Foxes' is dream role for 'Newhart' star Julia Duffy Friday, May 29, 2009 By Jeff Favre

It’s not hard to imagine why the casting director for the Pasadena Playhouse’s proposed revival of The Little Foxes hesitated to audition Julia Duffy for the role of Birdie.

After all, Duffy remains in most memories as the cute, pouting maid on Newhart, definitely a far cry from the timid, depressed alcoholic Birdie in Lillian Hellman’s famed 1939 play set in the turn-of-the-20th-century South.

But Duffy, who will turn 58 next month, pegged Birdie as one of the roles she had long admired and that she now felt mature enough to tackle.

'I lobbied hard to be seen for the role, and eventually they let me,' she said last week."

Sure enough, her instincts were correct. Duffy was picked to co-star with Kelly McGillis, who will play the lead role of Regina, in The Little Foxes, which opens tonight at the playhouse under the direction of Dámaso Rodriguez..."

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Julia Duffy in The Little Foxes. Photo by Craig Schwartz

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