Monday, May 18, 2009

A important mesage from LA Stage Alliance

A special message from LA Stage Alliance Executive Director, Terence MacFarland

"I'm asking for your help to try to secure financial support for the arts from Sacramento! I know there's a lot on all of our plates right now, however, an important decision regarding the future of arts funding in California is being decided this week!

AB 700 - The Creative Industries & Community Economic Revitalization Act 2010 goes to the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Wednesday, May 20th! (Click through the link to see the text of the bill - otherwise, know that it directs 20% of sales tax from the sale of art and art supplies to the California Arts Council.)This is the committee that has killed similar bills the past two years. If we can get it out of Appropriations then it has a very good chance of passing. This committee is the gate keeper to a full Assembly vote. Note that Kevin de Leon from Los Angeles is chair of Appropriations. He needs to know that this bill matters to his constituents!!
If you are inclined to support this bill, here are two options- the first takes one minute, the second takes five minutes!

One minute version, click here to send an email in support of AB700.

Five minute version - fax in a letter of support for AB700: Is there any chance of getting a letter of support to the author from your organization by the end of the day Tuesday?

This could mean over $20 Million a year to support the California Arts Council!

Here is the California Arts Advocates info page on AB700:

Here is a list of other supporters:
If you can, please join me in acknowledging Assembly Member Krekorian's work on our communities behalf!!

Please feel free to forward this message along to your networks!

Thank you!

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