Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby It's You! Cast Member Crystal Starr Knighton Announces New CD!


Crystal Starr's debut album contains hits like "Coldhearted", "Cake," and "I deserve to lose you," featuring gospel artist Jesse Stevenson. "I wanted to release an album that describes everything I am as a person and what influences me as a singer" Crystal states. The album is a great combination of rock pop and soul greatly interpreted by her strong vocal capabilities. Some people who have contributed to this album are Jennifer Hudson who wrote the song "what love would do" on her record, and Jolyon Skinner who wrote major hits for r&b artist Joe. Not only is Crystal's vocal range amazing but the production is also something to talk about as well. Produced by multi-platinum record producer Veit Renn, who has made hits for Jennifer Hudson, N Sync and Backstreet boys, he knew exactly what to do with Crystal. "Crystal Starr" the Debut album, definitely a record to have in your Collection!

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