Sunday, July 08, 2007

Jonathan's Mailbox: EF Pasadena International Homestay Program


Thank you for offering to place some images and text on the Pasadena Playhouse Blog. Although we are not certain of the exact count, we believe we still need over 40 Host Families before the students arrive next Wednesday, July 11. At present we have over 130 out of 175 placed.

The main points for the Blog are:

* High School Students from China, France, Germany, Russia, Spain and Switzerland
* July 11 - August 7 -- only a 3 or 4 week commitment. 40 out of 175 still to place.
* Activities pre-planned -- no need to take students to beach, amusement parks, etc., we do it for you!

Attached are two of our favorite images for your Blog. One is of a young family that hosted a German boy, born in Turkey. The other is of two EF students from abroad enjoying Universal City Walk.

We will contact you in the next few weeks for further discussion regarding an afternoon International Festival at the Pasadena Playhouse featuring the Playhouse and EF Homestay. EF has an enormous database of families from Pismo Beach to San Diego. EF has been active in the United States for 40 years, placing over 150,000 students in homes. We believe that the Festival would be of mutual benefit to both of our organizations and could be held next Spring.

Thanks for your assistance,

Jerry and Christine Christoff

EF Pasadena International Homestay Program

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