Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Greg The Intern


My name is Greg and I’m the new marketing intern here at the Pasadena Playhouse. Currently finishing my senior year at The University of Southern California, my internship here at the Playhouse is a great opportunity for me to utilize my degree in Economics as well as provide a beneficial outlet for my love of the theatre.

From day one, it has been an exciting experience getting to work for a professional theatre in my local community. At a meeting with the Board of Directors during my second week, I learned all about what it takes to keep a non-profit organization afloat in our current economic climate. The percentage of the operating budget that comes from the donations of loyal theatre patrons is quite astounding. I’m also continually impressed with the contributions of volunteers who just want to help and think it speaks highly of the top-notch theatre being produced.

My current activities have included creating a marketing campaign to encourage local college students to take advantage of our great student discounts, working to improve our community outreach through programs like Stamp Collectors Day and PlayWrightGirl, and developing ideas for our new website coming in August.

More than anything else, it has been very impressive to witness the dedication of my co-workers in their efforts to further the development of American Theatre. There is such a tangible impetus in this organization to help our fellow man, and I couldn’t be more eager to share my talents. Hopefully you’ll see more blog posts from me in the future and maybe even, if I’m given the go-ahead, a new video series highlighting the ins and outs of our diverse, public-spirited organization. Keep your fingers crossed, hold a good thought, and in the meantime come see our world-class shows!



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