Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stamp Day at the Playhouse

Stamp day at the Playhouse was quite a success! Don Schilling, Member of American Philatelist Society and Synthia Saint James, Fine Artist and Designer of first Kwanzaa, where there to celebrate. Don and Synthia gave presentations in the Carrie Hamilton Theatre. Attendees riffled through buckets of stamps and picked out their favorites to take home!

For patrons who weren't able to attend the historical unveiling on April 11th of the Pasadena Playhouse Commemorative Pictorial Postmark, you can still order yours!

The USPS provides a "Mail-Back Service". To qualify for this service, mail-in requests must be postmarked no later than May 11th.

Envelopes and cards that are to receive pictorial postmarks must bear unused postage stamps at the applicable First-Class Mail rate and must have complete addresses.

You should supply self-addressed stamped envelopes to protect the items receiving the pictorial postmark from being marred in their return through the mail stream. If you do not provide self-addressed stamped envelopes, the postmaster may choose to furnish a Priority Mail (R) envelope or box using a G-10 label protective cover when returning the items through the mail stream.

Please mail your request to Pasadena Postmaster, USPS, 870 S. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105-4407.

Photos: Stamp Day in the Playhouse courtyard; Synthia Saint James, Don Schilling and Gay Parker-Iris, Pasadena Playhouse Audience Development Coordinator; Patrons picking out their stamps to take home.

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